Open Space

Mulberry Grove sits on 20 acres of land, approximately 60% of which has been permanently reserved for open space. To the north runs the wooded riparian corridor of Mill Creek, (3 acres) which serves as refuge for native plants and wildlife. The south central portion of the land, which has been reserved for agriculture, (6.9 acres) includes pear and peach orchards; older orchard remnants well on their way towards reverting to their natural state; and a pond for irrigation water, wildlife and recreation. The northwest central portion of the neighborhood (1.3 acres) will grow into a shaded park area and community garden space. The potential exists for this area to include a playground, a pavilion for community gatherings, and a cottage for residents’ visiting guests. Each resident of Mulberry Grove will own an interest in the 11.2 acres of open space. Each parcel of open space is protected from future development in perpetuity by conservation easements. The agricultural land is preserved for the purpose of being able to produce local, organically-grown commercial food in the future and may be leased for that purpose.

The Lots

The 42 building lots within Mulberry Grove are clustered into small groupings to create a sense of community. Open space adjoins each lot on one or more sides, which provides connectivity to nature and creates privacy. What better way to create a sense of spaciousness around your home without all of the yard work?

Lots range in size from 5,143 square feet to 15,727 square feet. Architectural covenants guide the height and size of homes to preserve views, promote resource and energy efficiency, and to maintain the human scale of the community. A building height maximum of 22 feet is allowed along a section of the north side of the Mill Creek corridor, since views will not be obscured in that direction. Most lots have a height limitation of 17 feet to preserve the outstanding views of the La Sal mountains and surrounding mesas afforded by the location. Home sizes range from 1000 square feet to 2400 square feet, depending on the lot. For complete information on building height and size restrictions, please see page 7 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (the “Covenants”).

Mulberry Grove provides eight lots with vehicle access, and thirty-four walk-in lots. Lots with vehicle access allow for residents to drive onto and park their vehicles on their lots. Lots that are walk-in provide residents with two parking spaces - one covered and one open - plus a 6’x10’ enclosed and lockable storage unit in one of the two parking areas located on the east and west sides of the neighborhoods. Walk-in lots range in distance from the parking areas of 55 feet to 575 feet.

Image of plat map with current lot availability